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Completely Gone Nomad was “officially” established in October 2014 during my UK Road Trip, when I started actively posting photos of my trip on Instagram. In just 5 months, my travels have attracted over 13,000 followers across four social media channels – Twitter and Instagram being the most popular.


Current Stats: (Last updated: 23/07/2015)

Facebook – 1,201 +

Twitter – 6,896 +

Instagram – 5,666 +

Pinterest – 130 +


Advertising through Completely Gone Nomad will certainly draw more people to your company, brand, product, blog, or services channelled through my blog and my social media network, which gains more loyal followers each day who value the opinions and insights of Completely Gone Nomad.

I have over 7 years experience in travel, which includes living and moving abroad, working abroad, taking a gap year, interning abroad, luxury holiday escapes, road tripping, budget travelling… etc. all across 5 continents, 21 countries and 128 cities.


Who does Completely Gone Nomad blog target?

– People who aspire to travel
– People looking for travel inspiration
– People looking for travel tips/advice
– People looking to travel long term or for just a short period e.g. Gap Year Students, Business travellers
– People looking to move abroad / Expats
– Travel Enthusiasts


What topics does Completely Gone Nomad blog mainly focus on?

Travelling and living in London, Travelling and living in South America, Travelling and living in The Philippines, Long Term Travel, Expat Life, Luxury Travel, Budgeting tips, Adventure Travel and Travel Planning/Tips to name a few.


Ways of advertising / working with Completely Gone Nomad:

All forms of advertising include ongoing promotion of your sponsorship via my Social Media. I also only accept advertising or partnerships that are in keeping with the Completely Gone Nomad brand, and would be interesting for Completely Gone Nomad’s readers and followers. Also any sponsored posts will be featured on the homepage on the right hand side of the slider for a minimum of 6 months to help attract as many people as possible to your sponsored post.

  • Sidebar Advertising – Advertising space is available on the right hand side of the homepage as well as every post. This includes an image of your choice with a link back to your website or blog.
  • Text Link Sponsorship – A short paragraph containing a link can be included in a selected post on the blog providing it is of relevance.
  • Sponsorship / Press Trip – I’m always interested to hear about any Press Trip / Sponsorship offers. Please email me to confirm my availability. This would be in return for a Hotel review or Restaurant review on my blog.
  • Sponsored Product/Service Reviews – Each review will have their own post with photos and a link back to your company’s website. The product or service will be tested and reviewed in my completely honest opinion, however heavily focused on the positive points.
  • Sponsored Giveaway – I like to do giveaways occasionally for my readers and followers. So if you have a product/service you feel that could benefit my readers and followers, and that can also help promote your company’s product or services, I can provide a post focusing on and reviewing your product or service (giveaway), which will be promoted (on an ongoing basis) through my social media network during the giveaway competition.
  • Sponsored Post – I can provide a written post focusing on any subject in relevance to travel and your company/product or services, together with a link back to your website.
  • Guest Post – You can submit an article based on any subject providing it’s in keeping with Completely Gone Nomad’s brand and of relevance to my readers and followers.
  • Social Media Shout Out – I can post a link to your website with text on my Facebook or Twitter.

(With any form of sponsorship, I will have your logo with your website link in the right hand side bar on a temporary basis to show gratitude for our work together.)


If you are interested in advertising, or working with me, and/or have any further enquiries, feel free to contact me via email, and I will do my best to get back to you as soon as I am able to:

completelygonenomad [at] gmail [dot] com


Sponsors who have worked with Completely Gone Nomad so far:

Palais Namaskar fc

Click for Examples of Hotel Reviews

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