Hotel Review: Tune Hotel, Makati (Manila, Philippines)

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Because we had a business meeting to attend to along Kalayaan Avenue in Makati, we decided to look for budget hotels with a modern feel to stay in close by, something like ‘Primere Inn‘ back in the UK. We chose to stay at Tune Hotel not only because it ticked all these boxes, but because of their good reviews and the fact that it’s an international chain hotel. I mean, if they have many hotels, especially internationally, means they have money to invest in the quality of the hotel right? Sometimes this isn’t always the case, but Tune Hotel, Makati did live up to my expectation.


The Room

Tune Hotel, Makati only provide either a double room or twin room. We chose the double room, which cost about £29 for the night, and it came with a king size bed. The room was well designed with neutral colours, and was clean which is the most important thing. The only down side is the room was really small. In fact quite tiny, especially in comparison to the other budget hotels. I wouldn’t recommend this place if you’re in town for more than 5 days or so, or maybe even more than 3. There isn’t a place to put a large suitcase or much room to hang a lot of clothes. However, if you’re going to be out of your hotel room throughout the day and just need a place to sleep comfortably for a couple of nights then this hotel room would be more than adequate.




The restaurant on site is called Team Insider and it’s more of a sports bar. However, they do food too and can deliver the food straight to your room. Each room has a menu board so you can order straight from the comforts of your room. Another great thing is it’s open 24 hours. There are also many restaurants (within walking distance) along Makati Avenue if this place doesn’t tickle your fancy.



This hotel is located within the Red Light District, however it still has very easy access to the main parts of Makati e.g Ayala Center and it’s close to many transportation links.

Tip: Usually there are taxis who wait about in front of the hotel. Avoid these taxis as they usually charge way too much. Walk to one of the avenues near by and hail for a taxi there.


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Tune Hotel, Makati

Address: E. Mercado corner F., Calderon, Kalayaan Avenue, Makati, 1210 Metro Manila, Philippines

Phone: +63 2 519 0888







Please note: All reviews are soley of my own thoughts and opinions and are not influenced by the company who hosted me or by anyone else.



One thought on “Hotel Review: Tune Hotel, Makati (Manila, Philippines)

  • May 17, 2015 at 11:01 am

    Wow this hotel actually looks OK. I spent a month looking it out of my hotel window when I first moved to Manila and thought ‘Thank goodness I don’t have to stay there.’ But I remember it being quite cheap. I’m ashamed! Might even stay there if I ever get back to the Philippines!


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