My top things to do in Budva Montenegro – A one day itinerary

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Budva is one of the oldest towns on the Adriatic coast in Montenegro.  It’s best known for its lively party life during the summer, panoramic views of the bay, and its historic old town ‘Stari Grad’.

I put together here a list of things to do in Budva, which all can be done within a day – hitting all the major parts, and getting the best views of Budva, plus some of my favourites. You can spread these across as many days as you like. If you’re going in the summer, I suggest a minimum of two days, so you can also enjoy the beach, party life, and sun.


1. Have brunch at Hedone Restaurant for the perfect views of Budva

For a 360 view of Budva from above whilst enjoying a drink and/or something to nibble on, head to Tre Canne Hotel’s rooftop restaurant, Hedone. Located on the 15th floor. From here you can see great views of the bay, the entire town of Budva, and Stari Grad (Old Town) at a distance.






2. Take a stroll along the beach

Jotted along the beach, you get gorgeous views of the bay. Along the beach and the marina, there are many restaurants with outdoor seating.





3. Get taken back in time at Budva’s Old Town (Stari Grad)

The Old Town is a walled medieval town with a charming vibe. It is made up of narrow streets, alleyways, small squares, churches, and other historic buildings. Walking along the cobbled streets, gazing at the pretty wooden shuttered windows, it feels as though you’ve warped into a fairytale.




4. Have lunch in Stari Grad

There are a good number of places to dine in Budva’s Old Town. My personal favourite is Mozart Restaurant. It’s great even during the winter months, as you get to sit outside amongst the Old Town walls, with fire lanterns keeping you warm. I haven’t yet tried the actual food here, but the drinks and cakes are good. They have menus dedicated for just the hot chocolate and one for their cakes. The hot chocolate is literally like a hot melted chocolate. Please excuse me as I drool…



4. Enjoy panoramic views from The Citadel

Located within the walls of Stari Grad is the Citadel. There is an entrance fee of 2.50 euros per person. If you want to indulge in further panoramic views of Budva, this isn’t to be missed.





5. Photograph with the iconic Dancing Girl Statue

The famous Dancing girl statue is located outside of the Old Town along the way to Mogren beach. Some say a young girl drowned here. If this is true, it would explain a lot in why it’s situated within a gated complex. And it’s only open during the summer. As I went during the winter, the photo below was the best shot I could get. On the other side of the statue, you get a great panoramic views of the old town and mountains as a gorgeous backdrop behind the statue.



6. Dine like the locals at Kuzina Restaurant

Open 24 hours a day, this is a popular choice for the Montenegrin locals. No matter what time of the day it is, I always see people in here. They have a good range of various dishes, including Montenegrin dishes.



Keep an eye out for further places to eat (and/or drink) in Budva in my next post: Places to eat in Budva




What’s your favourite thing to do in Budva, Montenegro?



2 thoughts on “My top things to do in Budva Montenegro – A one day itinerary

  • February 29, 2016 at 10:47 pm

    Budva’s on my list for sure. I was hoping to do a trip this summer along the Montenegrin and Albanian coasts, but looks like we’ll be heading to the ‘stans instead.

    How does Budva compare to other towns on the Montenegrin coast? Like Kotor or Ulcinj? Isn’t Sveti Stefan near Budva?

    Great post – thanks for sharing. :)


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