Luxury Hotel Review: Palais Namaskar Hotel Marrakech

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Palais Namaskar has officially been added to my “top places in the world list”. I’d never thought I would actually include a hotel to this list, as it primarily consists of cities, but Palais Namaskar literally is a destination in itself, and in a moment you will see why.

Having won many prestigious awards, Palais Namaskar was named “the best hotel in Africa”. Not only that, but it had been opened for only just two years! Impressive right? It all sounds great, so I was really eager to go and check out the place for myself and see why this hotel was named not only the best in the country but in the entire continent.


First Impressions

Located outside the city centre, it takes about a 25 minute drive from Marrakech’s Old Medina to Palais Namaskar. Don’t be put off by the distance though! Trust me, it’s worth it, and it works out better that it’s not located in the centre. It’s the perfect place to escape from the hustle and bustle of Marrakech, as it warps you into a mesmerising oasis with astonishing views.

  DSC_1059o- Entrance Pathway


Reception Lobby

Palais Namaskar’s reception lobby is nothing like a regular reception lobby with its modern stylish interior design – which is consistant throughout the entire property. Palais Namaskar’s decor is a vibrant combination of Eastern-inspired architecture infused with Feng Shui principles. It explains why wherever you are in the place, you feel nothing but balanced and calm.




Hotel Grounds

Adding to the serenity of the place, the hotel grounds are not only filled with such beautifully carved Moroccan designed pillars, but are also filled with a harmonious balance of the natural elements of Feng Shui – Water, Earth, Wood, Metal and Fire, all creating a soothing energy throughout the grounds.





Even in the evening, it’s magical!




Our Room

Palais Namaskar consists of 41 suites, villas and palaces – which all follow Palais Namaskar’s consistant designs.

On the way towards our room, which was the Pool Villa, we were walked through a beautiful walkway lined with gorgeous plants and flowers, which led us to a huge wooded door that literally opened up to our own secluded oasis.

On top of discovering our hotel room was huge, we discovered we didn’t only just have one pool, but two! (one being a heated pool), all of which are surrounded by tropical palm trees, orange trees, and more lush greenery. Perfect for an exotic relaxation.



Most of the villa’s walls are made up of large glass windows which open up to the serene view of the pool and garden.

Half of the Living Area with fireplace

In room service

Master Bedroom with large windows

Shower and private outdoor bath


Other Rooms (Suites and Palaces) & Other parts of the property








View from the roofop of one of the Palaces



Restaurant & Bar

Dining at Palais Namaskar adds to the lush experience – whether it’s in the gourmet restaurant, elegant tea lounges, panoramic bar, private picnic in the gardens, an intimate candle-lit meal by the lake, or under the open starry sky on a private terrace. Staff at Palais Namaskar cater in making your dining experience truly magical. On top of this, you’re given the choice of French/Moroccan and Asian cuisine, all prepared by masterful on-site chefs.







To complete the tranquil experience of this place, a treat at the spa is essential.





There are many other amenities and services that you can indulge in – including a gym, privately organised tours, helicoptour tours, and yoga retreats to name a few.


This luxury hotel surpassed all of my expectations and in my opinion it may just be one of the best hotels in the world. I have never experienced such masterful hospitality. They really do treat you as though you are like royalty here. I will definitely be coming back here again!



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Palais Namaskar, Marrakech

Address: Route de Bab Atlas, No.88/69, Province Syba,، مراكش، Morocco

Phone: +212 (0)5 24 29 98 00





TripAdvisor: Palais Namaskar TripAdvisor


Please note: All reviews are soley of my own thoughts and opinions and are not influenced by the company who hosted me or by anyone else.


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