Top Foods to try when in Marrakech

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One of my essentials to experiencing one’s culture is definitely trying out their traditional food. So here is a quick guide to some foods (and beverages) you should try when in Marrakech:


1. Tagine (and cous cous)


The number one dish that you must try when in Marrakech is Tagine. This is the most traditional dish you will find in Marrakech. Tagine is a variety of meats and vegetable slow-cooked in a Moroccan clay pot, and served with cous cous and on the side, bread (which the locals like to use to scoop up the sauce). This dish is full of flavour and very zesty!


2. Mint Tea


The second ‘must’ to try is the Mint Tea. Most probably the best Mint Tea you will ever try. Watch how the waiters poor the tea.. facinates me everytime.


3. Orange Juice

Another one is the Orange Juice. Sounds a bit random, but actually Marrakech is known for growing their own fresh oranges just from their very own streets. There are literally orange trees scattered everywhere. The Orange juices you get here are most probably the most freshest you will ever taste.


4. Moroccan Khobz Bread and Argan Oil


I’m obsessed with Moroccan Khobz bread! Soft in the middle and crispy on the outside! And when dipped with Argan oil it’s even more scrumptious. Argan oil is an aromatic culinary oil expressed from the seeds of argan trees which are native to the Atlas Mountains in southwestern Morocco. You can find out a bit more about Argan Oil from my post A Moroccan experience at The Body Shop.


5. Amlou


A personal favourite. Amlou is a delicious dip made from toasted almonds, argan oil and honey. It tastes similar to peanut butter but with a thinner and oilier texture. You can try Amlou at Cafe Henna.


6. Moroccan Breakfast


For me, trying the breakfast in the place allows me to get an insight to the daily routines of the locals. I tried Moroccan breakfast for the very first time at my Riad, and the one thing I learnt was the Moroccans really have a sweet tooth. Their breakfast basically consists of sweet pastry, on top of this Mint Green Tea with “a lot” of sugar, the Moroccan classic orange juice, a thick milk, fruits, and Khobz bread to name a few. We really felt spolit for choice!


7. Moroccan Sweets and Pastries


Talking about sweets, as mentioned Moroccans love their sugary treats. A trip to a patisserie will help indulge your sweet tooth.


8. Snails

Snails. Yes, actual snails. Let’s just say I didn’t have the stomach at the time to try this, but I’m sure they are nice though, and will hopefully try them the next time I’m in Marrakech. Found pretty much everywhere among the stools in Djemaa el-Fna Sqaure, it can be served as in a soup or a bunch in a bowl. It is particularly popular amongst the Moroccan locals as it is said that the flavoursome broth is supposed to be good for digestion.



Other Moroccan foods to keep an eye out for:

B’stilla, Harira, Sheep heads, Ma’qooda, and Chebakia.



What’s your favourite Moroccan food?


This article is part of A Nomad’s Guide to Marrakech



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